Beds And Mattresses: Buying Tips From A Sleep Expert

I’m finicky when it comes to anything sleep-related. You can probably imagine how long it took me to buy a new mattress for my bedroom. I think it was something between 12-15 hours of full-on shopping. Spending so much time reading on the best and most popular brands have made me somewhat of an expert in mattresses and pillows. The first thing that you have to do when deciding on which mattress to buy is to identify the type of mattress that’s most suitable for you. If you’ve never used before any other mattresses besides a conventional pocket sprung mattress, which is coincidentally the most common type of mattress around, then perhaps it’s time for something new.

sleepingThe best way to test it out is to roll about on the bed for a couple of minutes loose clothing. Some people have even gone as far as to walk into a mattress shop in their pajamas just to try the mattresses out! Don’t get me wrong though. It’s perfectly fine if you want to get a similar feeling mattress because you’ve grown comfortable to it and you never had a problem with it. But, trying out a new mattress can sometimes bring you the comfort that you never knew you had been missing out on. This is even more so if you find that you’re not getting the quality of sleep that you’d expect after listening to your friends or colleagues rave about their uninterrupted sleep at night and waking up feeling very refreshed. That’s exactly what a good night’s sleep with the ideal mattress can give you.

According to the Sleep Council, people who’ve bought their mattresses based purely on branding are more likely to find them dissatisfying after a while of usage. This is because brand really does nothing when it comes to choosing the right bed for yourself. More importantly, you have to decide on the exact type of mattress that you want. A few of the primary mattress types that are most popular these days would be foam and innerspring mattresses. Foam mattresses alone can be subdivided into multiple categories, which are visco-elastic, latex and polyurethane foam.

As a general rule though, for countries with a colder climate, memory foam will be perfect since the heat problem will essentially be diminished substantially. A memory foam mattress might also feel a lot harder when it’s cold in the room and vice versa. I’d also recommend getting a king size mattress if you can fit one into your bedroom. It’ll simply feel a lot more comfortable having so much space to roll around in. If you’re looking for the best king size version, I recommend this mattress here. I do have to say that a king size memory foam mattress will not be cheap however. Memory foam has a very flexible nature that allows it to increase its density (at least superficially) when it becomes cold and decrease when it becomes hot, and because of this, there’s certainly a lot more work put into making it.


Visco-elastic (aka memory foam) is easily the most popular thanks to a widely believed notion that it works well for curing back pain. Is that true? Well, to some degree, it is. But, that can also be said for any other types of mattress really, as long as the support is there. To find out whether the necessary support you need is present, sit on the mattress edge for a few moments. It should immediately feel firm on touch, not saggy like you would expect from a feather bed. If it’s too soft and you feel as if you’re sinking into the mattress, then that will likely aggravate your back problems, if any.

For your back to return to its healthy state, you will need a firmer and stronger support that only higher-density mattresses can provide to you. Also, don’t feel pressured when trying out a mattress with the sales assistant nearby. If possible, just let them know that you’d get them if you need any further help or once you’ve tried out all the mattresses. Additionally, it’ll help that you get some proper rest before you go mattress shopping because if you’re feeling tired, all mattresses will seem like they are heavenly when in actual fact, you can hardly tell the difference.

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